Friday, July 15, 2005


The paper work has been completed. The Ukrainian Rumble is coming to CGAIMS 2005 at Louisville, KY, USA. The conference's website is right here.

Long story short, I have two weeks before the conference. There is plenty of stuff I want to show on the conference. Most main features have already been implemented, but there are a few rough corners that stick out, mainly vey poor ground - nothing but bunch of plains stuck together in order to form a ground.

The reason this sticks out is because the robots have decent models with couple of different particles to represent smoke and small explosions.

Of course, network are still coming, the client side is mostly done. It still needs to be connected to the server, though. At the moment the server does not anything other than ignoring all incoming packets but the ones that are send during the connection and disconnection of a client.

Summer semester is almost over, and the free time is here to help me.

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