Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jet Tank Turning

Recently I have been battling the complexity of the jet tank control. My estimations came true, as I struggled to counter-balance the tank's rotation, balance, and movement features. Balancing was an easy part with barely any problems at all. Movement seems to be OK, although I've not dealt into it deeply enough yet to really assess the situation. The turning has been the feature that has been boggling my mind for the past couple weeks.

It is coming along with a glacial speed. Learning from my College class, Software Engineering, I've been busy performing root-cause analysis. For us, simple folks, it stands for debugging and tracking down improper behavior of your code.

Recently, I have gotten some "fresh air" and tackling the implementation with new vigor.

P.S. Another thing, that is getting in the way, is that I would like to show off this jet tank on the upcoming internal College competition among Engineering departments. Only 2.5 weeks left.