Sunday, December 17, 2006

Replicating Weapons and Damage

This replication is more involved than the movement replication I did previously. It involves firing a missile, homing in on the correct target, insuring unique missile id across the network, placing explosions in correct places once the missile hits, and replicating broken joints in physical simulation.

All of the above requires decent amount of designing. Just imagine entangling those, and you will get yourself a really messed up system.

So far I had only made on major change - I added robot owner for each gun and missile shot. This was needed to properly report missile events to other clients with ability to check if the missile was shot by a local player (and thus needs to be replicated) or by a remote player (and thus does not need to be replicate).


Basic network framework is being tested by every addition of network events. Every new event tests the framework for extendability and maintainability. The framework holds well.

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