Friday, May 12, 2006

Passed Physics, starting Network again

I have cleaned up and updated physical tasks. A simple castle was created to populate the scene. A tank has been redesigned into a more complex structure. It has 8 wheels and 17 more parts. At the moment, there are no graphical models for them, so I created empty placeholders - very nice white boxes. If you can model anything that is beyond white boxes, drop me a message. I'll be pleased to show your work in the project. Take a look at this manual. It describes what I'm looking for.

Now I feel I have enough content and features for network testing. The first goal is to have two player interact. One server accepts both of them and exchanges events. That's not much to ask, and that's the point. One small step at a time has gotten me this far.

Once network is up and running, I will add a firing event, and see how the game feels at that moment, and reassess the goals.

A little bit of history: network framework was started a year ago, Summer 2005, but was left off at the basic level of functionality - ability to simply sends events between server and the client. That was accomplished by another programmer on the team, Greg Horvay. However, Greg did not continue network development and instead switch to GUI development. Now, I'm done with current physics iteration, and have a choice to make. My choice is to develop networks.

Why networks and why now?

I would like to close the loop. By the "loop" I mean have some game play experience. At the moment, a user can drive around and shoot stuff, but there is no one and nothing to play with. AI code is far from ready, but the networks are close, and can be accomplished in, what I hope, next month. This will allow two player to play against each other. Thus the loop will be closed, and from proof of concept, the project will enter the stage of a playable demo.

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